Help Us Make the Tax Cap Permanent

The effort to make New York State’s property tax cap permanent took a significant step forward recently when the new Democrat majority in the State Senate passed the measure as part of its 2019 priorities package. The Buffalo Niagara Partnership has been a longtime champion of the property tax cap

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Health Insurance Tax - Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Healthcare Tax Will ‘HIT’ Employers and Families

Both employers and their employees will be paying more for healthcare unless Congress pumps the breaks on the Health Insurance Tax (HIT).  Imposed by the Affordable Care Act, the HIT is set to go into effect for 2019 unless Congress agrees to delay it through 2020. Last week, the U.S.

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Healthcare Taxes Central to Governor’s Budget Proposal

Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget proposal looks to close the state’s $4.4 billion deficit with a series of revenue actions – government speak for new taxes and fees.  The majority of these new taxes fall on the healthcare industry, continuing New York State’s long history of taxing healthcare to pay for healthcare. 

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Buffalo Niagara Partnership Unveils 2018 Advocacy Agenda

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership recently unveiled its 2018 Advocacy Agenda to a capacity crowd of members and elected officials in downtown Buffalo. As the regional chamber of commerce and leading employer organization in Western New York, our Advocacy Agenda details nearly two dozen policy priorities on the federal, state and local

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Death and Taxes (Income vs. Payroll)

Benjamin Franklin once said that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Let’s avoid a conversation about death and instead concentrate of the (slightly) less gruesome of certain things: taxes. The Trump administration and Congress passed tax reform legislation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs

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Partnership Releases First-Ever Member Pulse Report

Regional employers are optimistic about the local business climate, but unconvinced that New York State is becoming more business friendly.  This dichotomy is just one of the top line results of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s annual advocacy survey.  For the past three years, the Partnership has surveyed its membership to

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2017 Advocacy Agenda Expanded – Taxes & Labor Costs

In putting together our annual Advocacy Agenda, we survey our membership to gauge their pain points and areas of concern. Each year, our members continue to identify high taxes and escalating labor costs as their largest barriers to success.  Those results are not surprising.  Buffalo Niagara employers operate in one

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Utility Consumer Advocate Is a Deceiving Proposal

Some state lawmakers are pushing legislation to create the State Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate. On the surface, who could object to having an advocate in place to represent the interests of residential utility customers across New York State? But when you get past the deceiving name attached to

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Partnership prepares for Manufacturing Days

Manufacturing Days represents the opportunity for regional manufacturers to speak to state politicians about the policies that are of most importance to them. In two weeks, on March 23 and 24, the Manufacturers Association of Central New York will be hosting its eighth annual Manufacturing Days in Albany. The main

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