Webisode: New Paid Leave Policies for COVID-19: Clarity for Employers

  The federal and state governments have passed sweeping paid leave policies for workers impacted by COVID-19, aka the corona virus.  In response, the Partnership organized a webisode for local employers on 3/25/20 to provide clarity around these new mandates and to help them prepare to take the necessary steps

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Our Position on Employer Mandates – 2018 Advocacy Defined Series

New employer mandates emanating from Albany are a burden on Buffalo Niagara employers. However well intentioned, these mandates fail to recognize the negative impact they have on both employers and employees. That is why fighting back against these detrimental mandates is one of the Partnership’s 2018 Advocacy Agenda priorities. The latest example

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Advocacy Update: NYS Budget

The Governor and State Legislature have reached an agreement on the State Budget and, in doing so, have turned their backs on New York employers and doubled down on the state’s well-earned reputation as the most unfriendly place in the country to own and operate a business.  The employer mandates

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