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The Secret to Successful Networking

Written By: Joe Leary – VP Membership, BNSME & Coach, Teacher, Speaker at The John Maxwell Group There are a lot of theories about networking, and most of them focus on how or what you need to do.  Knowing how to network will not make you successful. The secret is

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Buffalo’s Biggest Business Party of the Year: HobNob

You never know who you’ll meet at the Partnership’s 2018 HobNob The Partnership works hard for our members on advocacy and policy issues.  But every once in a while we cut loose with a celebration. And this time, it’s big! Join us as we mark the 10th anniversary of the

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Executive Exchange Insights: The Benefits of Professional Development

Continuing professional development is important for all employment levels and every size employer. It comes in many different forms, from formal seminars and workshops to independent research to learning from peers. However, no matter what form it comes in, it is essential to the success of both the employee and employer.

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Exercising Your Networking Muscles

There are many guides, tips and tricks available on how to network successfully at various types of events. Networking . . . just mentioning it can illicit many different negative responses including fear, anxiety or stress. I know that it is “good” for me and that it is the “right”

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BN360 Spotlight Jason Denue

BN360 Spotlight Blog: Keep Doing the Homework

Soon after I started my career, my uncle gave me some advice: “Keep doing the homework.” This is the last thing I, or any recent college grad wanted to hear. Soon after starting my new job this advice began to make more sense. While college taught me the basics to

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BN360 Spotlight Blog: Relationships Matter – Find the Connect

Everyone speaks on the importance of building your professional network for career advancement and success. But, I believe the value in these connections come from building and establishing meaningful relationships. As a young professional, I’ve found that connecting with other professionals in and outside of my professional space has proven to be invaluable. Reflecting on my

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Nominate the Next BN360 Spotlight Professional

Buffalo Niagara 360 (BN360) is Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s young professionals group, a program that is dedicated to networking, leadership development and community engagement in the Buffalo Niagara region. BN360 aims to create an inclusive and collaborative network of resources that can empower talented individuals to achieve their goals for professional

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Tips for Young Professionals in Networking

How Young Professionals Can Add Value while Networking

Networking is all about building relationships and adding value to the conversation. So as a young professional, how do you add value if you feel that you have nothing to contribute? The good news is that being a young professional is often a value add in itself – you just

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We’ve got the Power

Power Up keynote speaker Rhonda Frederick highlights inspiring, educational and empowering event for women professionals. On Tuesday, March 15, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership hosted the 26th Annual ATHENA Awards, showcasing ten outstanding women business professionals in Buffalo Niagara. Congratulations to all of our finalists, especially this years recipients Amy Habib

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Seizing the opportunities

Nadja’s presentation at Unleashing the Power of the Mega-Region will offer plenty of guidance and answer many questions for those wishing to explore the potential of the Mega-Region. She encourages companies to give it a try and offers some tips to consider in getting started. Know the territory – Just

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