Advocacy Update: NYS Budget

The Governor and State Legislature have reached an agreement on the State Budget and, in doing so, have turned their backs on New York employers and doubled down on the state’s well-earned reputation as the most unfriendly place in the country to own and operate a business.  The employer mandates

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Minimum Wage Reality Check

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is a proud founding member of Unshackle Upstate.  In the blog below, Unshackle Upstate’s Executive Director Greg Biryla details our statewide effort to oppose a $15 an hour minimum wage.  On behalf of our members, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership is committed to working with our partners

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NYS Budget Countdown: proposed minimum wage hike

With just weeks to go before the state’s budget deadline, the Partnership is working hard at home and in Albany to make sure our key state priorities are addressed. Last week, I lead a group of Partnership members to Albany for our annual Lobby Day. The group met with members

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