Five Things to Know About Individual Health Insurance Coverage

By Cathy Aquino, Director, Government Sales, Independent Health Five things to know about individual health insurance coverage Now more than ever, it’s important to have access to high-quality and affordable health care coverage. But what if you are currently unemployed? Or your employer doesn’t offer a group plan? Or you’ve

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Telehealth is a Safe and Convenient Way to Connect With Your Doctor

By Dr. Deirdre Wheat, Medical Director, Population Health Management, Independent Health Telehealth is a safe and convenient way to connect with your doctor   As the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for millions of Americans. Employers and their employees are now relying

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6 Ways to Reduce Small Business Energy Costs

 By Lorren Thomas, Director of Communications, EnergyBot Everyone likes to save a few bucks, whether it’s using a coupon code at checkout or catching an annual sale at your favorite retailer. When it comes to your small business, your energy bills are no different. Did you know that something as

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Expert Forum - Independent Health

Four Ways to Help Address Health Expenses

The drivers of health care costs are certainly myriad and complex, but there are some things we can do to help get rid of unnecessary care and expenses, and improve our overall health. Below are different ways we can get healthier while addressing some drivers of health care costs. 1. Make

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Expert Forum - Enabling Ideas

Build Cross-Border Growth Faster Off An Entrance Asset

Written By: Blair Severn, Chairman of Enabling Ideas You’ve decided it’s time to make the leap from selling just in your home country to now offering your products or services across the border. You’ve identified your Target Market and set your Participation Strategy. Now it’s time to engage your growth

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expert forum - arcadis

Expert Forum: Why Digital, Why Now?

By: Tracy Hemmerling, Associate Vice President, Arcadis All About Data We’re all hearing about “big data”, but what does that mean for you and your company and how can you use data to improve? The opportunities seem limitless, but it can also be overwhelming. At Arcadis, our Chief Data Scientist,

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