Career & Technical Education Programs Help Fill Talent Pipeline

It’s not uncommon to hear employers express concern about filling open positions. Many employers are inundated with applications from unqualified candidates who lack the necessary credentials and experience—a drain on company time and resources. That’s where Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs come in. To help fill Buffalo Niagara’s talent

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How Addressing Transportation Barriers Benefits Employees—and Employers

Employee absences carry hidden costs that can affect an organization’s productivity and revenue. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences, found the total cost of time off for full-time employees was between 20.9 percent and 22.1 percent of payroll, with unplanned

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Getting a Job - Employ Buffalo Niagara

Getting a Job is Hard. Getting to Work Can Be Harder.

Employ Buffalo Niagara connects local employers with residents seeking job opportunities. While job placement is vital to the success of our region, creating opportunity is only step one in addressing our regional workforce challenges. Once an employee is hired, they must be able to get to their job and all

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Workforce Development: Group Impact

Addressing Your Workforce Problems With Collective Impact

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The existence of complex social, economic, and environmental problems is inescapable. Topics such as unemployment, underemployment, racial disparities, growing skill gaps, and transportation dilemmas are constantly on the list of things needing not only attention, but long-lasting solutions. The complexity of these issues requires dynamic, adaptable, and sustainable solutions. These

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Employ Buffalo Niagara Following the Road to Success

A new workforce development initiative is spreading rapidly across the country and it’s now being deployed here in Western New York. Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) applies the principles of supply chain management to talent acquisition.  Developed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and successfully implemented in Houston, Texas, TPM is

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Next Steps in Smart Growth: Transit Oriented Development

As talk of extending Buffalo’s Metro Rail beyond its current footprint is becoming a more serious conversation, there is a growing sense that Transit Orientated Development (TOD) must be a part of Buffalo Niagara’s economic development future. At the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s June 13 Development Advisory Council meeting, industry leaders

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