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BN360 Spotlight Professional: Amanda Paul

BN360 Spotlight Blog: Opportunity Is Everywhere

“Opportunity”… Hmm, this is a word I often use to entice others or make a tedious task sound somewhat great. “Check out this opportunity to get some community service hours!”—a statement I frequently use when needing to transport large furniture to a family. “Dear, this opportunity may not ever come again,” a statement I may, on occasion, state to my husband when thinking of purchasing something on the larger scale. It really does have a nice ring to it. While I may use it to shine light onto thoughts or suggestions, the reality is opportunity is everywhere, depending on how you choose to see the world.

BN360 Spotlight Series: getting a fiery start to a new job

Of the many tips that have helped me grow in my career, there are three that stand out:

  1. Have an ethic of service to others.
  2. Pursue your passions.
  3. Persevere through tough times.

After graduating from the University at Buffalo, I served as a Buffalo AmeriCorps member through the Corporation for National and Community Service at The Belle Center. Service to others is a passion of mine and through serving the community, I worked my way up from a volunteer to a senior level position doing marketing and operations.