‘Buy American’ Update

Working with our partners at Unshackle Upstate and other regional chambers of commerce, we were able to successfully remove the ‘Buy American’ provision from the adopted state budget. Failing to do so would have jeopardized existing bi-national supply chains and undermined our cross-border economy. Governor Cuomo’s proposed ‘Buy American’ plan

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Cross Border Conference Yields Best Practices

The Can/Am Border Trade Alliance took its message and muscle to Washington, DC last month for its 23rd annual conference. Speakers highlighted the progress Canada and the United States have made over the last decade to implement efficient border policies. It was noted the Beyond the Border Agreement helped facilitate

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Making the Connections That Create Cross-Border Business

The CanAm and Logistics & Transportation Councils toured a Foreign Trade Zone that’s right in Buffalo’s backyard at WP Warehousing. Canada and the United States have a strong connection that goes beyond our close proximity. We share the longest mutual border in the world, which we use to support the largest

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Great Lakes Region

To Be Heard, Great Lakes Region Must Stick Together

There is no denying the economic power of the Great Lakes region. Did you know the Great Lakes region… Supports 31% of the U.S. population and 62% of Canada’s population Generates 35% of all U.S.-Canada trade Provides 40% of U.S. manufacturing employment and 35% of U.S. manufacturing output Produces 28%

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Seizing the opportunities

Nadja’s presentation at Unleashing the Power of the Mega-Region will offer plenty of guidance and answer many questions for those wishing to explore the potential of the Mega-Region. She encourages companies to give it a try and offers some tips to consider in getting started. Know the territory – Just

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The start of something big

International business woman, Nadja Piatka, to address harnessing the power of the CanAm market as keynote speaker at Unleashing the Power of the Mega-Region event. Growing up in Canada, Nadja developed an understanding of the food business watching her parents run their restaurant. While she loved to cook, she chose a different

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Ease your way across the border

The Buffalo Niagara-Falls international bridge crossings facilitate the most entries into the United States on the northern border. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2014 alone, 962,076 trucks and 5,446,904 passenger vehicles – more than 11.3 million people – used the region’s main crossings to enter the country.

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