CanAm CEO Panel Feature

U.S. and Canadian Chamber CEOs Discuss Bi-National Partnership

The bi-national region encompassing BuffaloNiagara, Hamilton, and Greater Niagara has a population of over 3 million. Our location is one of our greatest assets – it provides businesses with the opportunity to expand seamlessly into new markets. Encouraging cross-border trade is crucial to growing the economy in our bi-national region.

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CanAm Chamber Agreements Extended Three Years

At the end of March, teams from the regional chambers of commerce in Hamilton, the Niagara Region in Ontario and Buffalo Niagara convened for strategic planning discussions on maximizing the value of our truly unique binational agreement.  Each chamber recognizes the exciting opportunity we collectively have to facilitate the growth

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A Joint Push for a New U.S. Peace Bridge Plaza

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) and Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) are joining forces in a renewed push for a new U.S. Peace Bridge plaza.  In a recently released letter, the two congressmen are calling on the federal government’s General Services Administration to put the planning and development of a new U.S. plaza

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CanAm Council Meeting Heads North of the Border

In light of our new associate membership agreement with the Greater Niagara and Hamilton chambers of commerce, we took our fall CanAm Council meeting north of the border to the Shaw Festival Theatre. More than 50 members representing all three organizations gathered in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a group discussion on the

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2017 Council Agendas

Recapping our Premier Cross Council Event

On December 15, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership unveiled its 2017 Council Agendas at its second annual Council Agenda Rollout. Attended by members of our four industry Councils, the program featured presentations by Dottie Gallagher-Cohen and our Council Chairs: Christine Bonaguide, Chair of the CanAm Council Steven Ricca, Former Chair of

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Cross Border Conference Yields Best Practices

The Can/Am Border Trade Alliance took its message and muscle to Washington, DC last month for its 23rd annual conference. Speakers highlighted the progress Canada and the United States have made over the last decade to implement efficient border policies. It was noted the Beyond the Border Agreement helped facilitate

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Making the Connections That Create Cross-Border Business

The CanAm and Logistics & Transportation Councils toured a Foreign Trade Zone that’s right in Buffalo’s backyard at WP Warehousing. Canada and the United States have a strong connection that goes beyond our close proximity. We share the longest mutual border in the world, which we use to support the largest

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