Job Growth Steady, But Lags Behind Nationally

The Buffalo Niagara region’s job growth has been steady since the recession of 2009. The region has added over 5,000 jobs in that span, but we are lagging behind the rest of the nation. “This is not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s important that we put these things

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BN360 Spotlight Blog: What Makes a Successful Leader

“If you’re alone at the top, you’re a hiker, not a leader.” – John Maxwell While working at Alliance Advisory Group, I had the opportunity to be mentored by chairman and CEO Bob Fashano. He believed it was his mission to help develop leaders – and everything he did was

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Tips for Young Professionals in Networking

How Young Professionals Can Add Value while Networking

Networking is all about building relationships and adding value to the conversation. So as a young professional, how do you add value if you feel that you have nothing to contribute? The good news is that being a young professional is often a value add in itself – you just

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Success knows no boundaries

International business woman, Nadja Piatka, to address harnessing the power of the CanAm market as keynote speaker at Unleashing the Power of the Mega-Region event. It is really not as difficult as some business people may perceive. That is how Nadja Piatka describes her view of cross border trade after

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Learn what the Partnership can do for you

Some days, I think we can all agree, there are not enough hours to get everything checked off our work to-do lists. Well, I have some good news for you! Our Buffalo Niagara Partnership staff is here to help make checking off those to-do list items a little easier. Are

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The ROI of Partnership membership

As a part of the member engagement team at the Partnership, I work closely with our members on strategy and aligning their business objectives with our marketing opportunities. As a result of any investment a member makes in the Partnership, we are often asked to provide a return on that

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10 tips for networking and business development

Whether managing a member referral roundtable, facilitating a mentoring program or managing a council, throughout my eight years working with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, I have found networking and business development are critical skills that have enabled me to succeed in my role. As the Regional Chamber of Commerce, everything

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Hamilton/Niagara presents “The Americas Investment Playbook”

Dottie recently blogged about the similarities that exist between Hamilton, Canada and Buffalo, NY. I had the pleasure of accompanying Dottie during her trip to Hamilton to meet Keanin Loomis, President and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce in Ontario. Through the trip, I was surprised to learn how

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