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A 5 Pillar Focus in 2017 for the Great Lakes Metro Chamber

With the Presidential election behind us and President-elect Trump organizing his cabinet, the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition came together to strategically reexamine and further develop its priorities. As a founding member of the Coalition, the Partnership joins nearly 40 chambers of commerce from Great Lakes states, to support economic development in the Great Lakes region. Each year, we advocate for policy initiatives that will ensure the competitiveness of the 12 states and 2 provinces that make up the group.

Can/Am BTA and CanAm Council provide connections between the world’s two largest trading partners

CanAm Council Mgr. Janine Tramont with Stephen Covey, new Can/Am BTA Board Member and Chief of Police & Security, CN Rail

Buffalo Niagara sits at the center of the one of the most powerful economic engines in North America- the Buffalo to Toronto mega-region. The economic opportunities associated with the geography of Buffalo Niagara were spotlighted again and again at a recent Can/Am Border Trade Alliance (BTA) conference held in Washington, DC. I was fortunate to attend and represent the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and our CanAm Council.

The good, the bad and the border

The Buffalo News recently wrote an articleBorder traffic is double-edged’ that touched on many of the delay issues at our region’s busiest border crossing.

Like so many in our region, we understand that we will never have a border crossing like we did on September 10, 2001.

Border Crossing 101

One of the best parts about living in the Buffalo Niagara region during the summer is our ability to easily cross the border to spend cottage season in Canada.

While the majority of border crossings are hassle-free and take approximately 5-10 minutes, it only takes one bad experience to overshadow the easy experiences we’ve had in the past and put a damper on the fun and excitement of a trip across the border.