Rachael Herrmann

Program Manager


 Program Manager | 


 716-541-1766 | 


 BS, Saint Bonaventure University; MBA, Saint Bonaventure University

Role: As part of the Member Services team, I have the privilege of helping to facilitate and foster relationships, with both perspective and current members, through the development and delivery of the Partnership’s BN360 and (Executive/Leader) Exchange Programs.

Which of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s values resonates most with you?
Collaboration. Courage. Excellence. Integrity. Passion. Certainly, it is difficult to live by one of these values without the accompaniment of the others. For me, integrity is the value that most demands encompassing the other values. Integrity takes collaboration, to learn from team mates and mentors, then courage to lead by example. It takes passion to pursue honesty and transparency in all that you do. Finally, excellence is the natural result of living with integrity.

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