Marilyn Roach

Director, Business Development | Employ Buffalo Niagara


 Director, Business Development | Employ Buffalo Niagara | 


 716.541.1711 | 


 BS, Marketing & Accounting
Marilyn Roach

Role: I am responsible for the development, management and planning for the sustainability of Employ Buffalo Niagara.

Which of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s values resonates most with you?
I’m passionate about my family, friends, entrepreneurship and Buffalo, but collaboration is what brings the passions to fruition, specifically when it comes to entrepreneurship. For any business to succeed – a broad base of skills and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing technological and business environment is required, rarely if ever do those skills reside in one person. Rather, it takes the efforts and resources of many participants. The Partnership exists to participate in building those skills and assisting the regions ability to adapt to those changes, and I am thrilled to part of this collaboration.

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