Laura Smith

Vice President, Economic Development

Phone: 716-541-1741

Education: BA, University at Buffalo

Role: I am the Vice President of Economic Development, focusing on policy reform and responsible for the supervision of our Economic Development department, including our councils, workforce development and the Partnership’s young professionals program.

Which of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s values resonates most with you?   The value that resonates most with me is collaboration.  While I identify with all the values, I believe any success the Partnership has is due to collaboration – with and for our members – and bringing together public and private sector to increase competitiveness for our local businesses.  As a regional organization we have the ability and responsibility to think and act regionally – improving this place for all of us!

Recent Posts

Women in the Diversity Equation

Women represent 50 percent of our country’s population. Still, 95 percent of CEOs in companies across the nation are white men. Roughly 85 percent of board members and executives are white men. So, while business and industry continue to make the case for diversity and inclusion, it is apparent, we

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Partnership Launches New Diversity & Inclusion Council

It is an issue that is fast becoming a priority for businesses today.  Creating and fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do for every type of company.  Buffalo Niagara Partnership members have made it very

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Implementing a New Approach to Finding Talent

We are all too familiar with the talent dilemma facing our region – employers are having a tough time finding candidates and those looking for work find it difficult to connect to these local employers.  Addressing this dichotomy at a “systems level” is the purpose behind Employ Buffalo Niagara.  To

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