Staff Insider: Bernie Aja

An inside view on what Bernie is working on right now.

Bernie Aja
Director, Talent Pipeline Management

1. We are an organization dedicated to serving the current needs of the region’s employers, which can change over time.  What are you currently working on that excites you?

We are addressing our members’ #1 concern:  How to find and retain qualified talent.  I was recently brought in to help solve this problem by facilitating a strategic process called Talent Pipeline Management (TPM).

2.  Why?

I have over 20 years of building successful, engaged teams and partnering with different organizations to help build careers in our community. My new role gives me a platform to take my skills, industry expertise and relationships and amplify the impact across the business community. I am thrilled about the opportunity to work on such an important initiative

3. For someone who is unfamiliar with this Diversity & Inclusion – can you give an overview/elevator pitch?

TPM uses supply chain principles to solve talent pool pain points and helps to build a sustainable workforce pipeline.  The process is centered around employer needs and facilitated by the Partnership.

Here’s a helpful video.

Any additional resources someone can go to in order to learn more? 

  • The US Chamber website will show you ways the TPM Approach has helped industries in 26 states across the country. I invite you to visit the US Chamber website here.
  • If you are interested in learning more about our local TPM efforts at the Partnership, please visit our website here.
4. Is there any other Partnership initiative or community initiative that you are excited about?

As our business community grows through the incredible resurgence we have experienced, the Partnership provides answers to building a diverse, inclusive talent pool through our leadership exchange opportunities, as well as workforce initiatives such as Employ Buffalo Niagara and our newest program supporting Diversity and Inclusion.  I encourage members to take the time to understand and take full advantage of what the Partnership offers you.


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