Gaining Valuable Experience as a Partnership Intern

My experience at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership as a marketing and events intern was valuable. The working culture was conducive to learning and everyone was very friendly. I had a chance not only to work for marketing and events, but to also check out other departments.  My supervisor, Krystal Testa, did not limit me to only one area, instead, she encouraged me to learn as much as possible while I was with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. I was able to showcase my marketing skills while also developing new ones during my time working with the marketing team. I worked on many projects and received training on their customer relationship management (CRM) system and WordPress.

My internship with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership was my first professional work setting in the United States. When I found out I was selected, I was happy and also very scared of the different work culture. It soon turned into complete happiness though, as my supervisor helped me feel very comfortable with the Partnership’s work environment. She was the one who pushed me to expand my horizon and always helped me, be it teaching me how to use Twitter or picking me up early for events. She has been a constant source of support and her feedback helped me improve my work and made me more prepared for my first full-time job.Intern Blog Cover Thumbnail Pic

My favorite part of the internship was when I was introduced to the CRM. I had heard about this software and its advantages, but never gained any experience working on one. It was pretty exciting when I got a chance to explore and learn how to use it. I then handled two major projects related to the CRM, which gave me great experience.

Previously, I have used WordPress for clients, however, at the Partnership I was able to experience a completely different side – the marketing side.  I was amazed at the input and control that marketing has in the creation and maintenance of a website (some of which I was able to help with) and it was great to be able to see something from a new angle.

I have never worked in event planning and logistics, so this was something brand new to me, which in itself is great to experience something new. The Buffalo Niagara Partnership hosts over 60 events throughout the year. I assisted in event set up, registration, preparing pamphlets for stanchions, sponsorship and more. I specifically worked three events – BN360 Game Changers, the Scramble Breakfast event and the Cross Council Agenda Rollout – they were all very different and offered great opportunities for attendees.

This internship aligned with my career goals and added so much to my work experience. At all the stages in my internship, and with all the projects I came across, I had so many opportunities to learn and improve. I would say this was definitely more than an internship for me!

By: Ashwani Gupta

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