Winter Internship Provides Tremendous Experience

As my marketing and events internship at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership is reaching its end, I can’t help but to reflect on this valuable experience.  This was my first job in an actual professional environment so I was extremely unsure about what it would be like day-to-day and how to act amongst professionals.  That being said, it didn’t take long to get comfortable in the office thanks to the kindness and sincerity of everyone whom I interacted with. I immediately felt welcomed and like part of the team.

The best aspect of this internship at the Partnership was being responsible for tasks that were actually meaningful and helpful to the department, and organization as a wholIntern Blog Cover Thumbnail Pice.  It was awesome to be able to clearly determine why and for what reason I was assigned each of the numerous tasks and projects.  At many other internships, the intern might be performing menial, repetitive tasks that wouldn’t have allowed for the work experience that I have earned from this internship.  I initially thought that working eight hours at a desk was going to be extremely tiresome but most days felt like I was only in the office for a few hours because I was never at my desk with nothing to do.  The constant work and responsibilities made my time at the Partnership worthwhile.  In addition to daily tasks, I sat in on the marketing meetings and attended many events where I learned so much about what the Partnership is and its involvement the Buffalo Niagara community.

Throughout this position I have learned how to utilize WordPress, Publisher, Eventbrite, and the CRM database while also applying and improving existing skills on Excel, PowerPoint and social media platforms; I will definitely be using all these skills in my future endeavors in the business world.  In addition, this internship has educated me to the world of event planning, which I was not familiar with, and all the hard work that goes into creating great events and also executing great events.  Simultaneously, I was able to observe the marketing team, their strategies and how marketing is applied to the Partnership every day.

This internship was very beneficial for me, allowing me to gain more knowledge and perspective than I previously had, on what I would like to pursue after graduation.  I am very grateful for this experience, the people I have met and the personal growth it has provided me.

By: Natalie Shoiock


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