More Than Just an Internship

When asked about my time as an intern at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, I have a difficult time giving an easily summarized response. This is because for the past two months, I have had anything but a ‘simple’ experience as the Partnership’s Marketing and Engagement intern. From the projects and tasks that I have had the opportunity to work on, to the invaluable connections and personal relationships I have made, I could not be more appreciative of this experience.

Since the beginning of high school, I have gone through a variety of part-time jobs and internship opportunities. And while the majority of these past experiences have left my drive and ambition unfulfilled, handling relatively useless and unproductive tasks, I absolutely flourished in the atmosphere of my internship at the Partnership. Starting my first week in the office, I was given responsibilities that were clearly of both use and importance in the office, providing a heightened sense of encouragement and confidence in my role as an intern.

My internship allowed me the opportunity to work directly under the Senior Manager of Marketing and Engagement, Laura Kurtz, who I absolutely accredit for so much of my worthwhile experience at the Partnership. Laura made the point to constantly involve me in a variety of different departments, which gave me both an in-depth understanding of the Partnership’s work and the structure of a general business environment.  The guidance which Laura provided me has allowed for my professional and personal development not only this past summer, but for years to come.Shelby Blog Pic

Entering my junior year at the University at Buffalo this upcoming fall semester, I recognized the value of obtaining an internship this summer. My hope was that I would find an internship within the field of business and if possible, be able to take away some helpful tools and skills for my future career. I was mildly aware that the Partnership was a chamber of commerce with a focus on economic development in the region prior to beginning my internship. What I was not aware of however, was how I would be able to contribute to the positive impact the Partnership has on the Buffalo Niagara Region.

I am beyond thankful to have been able to gain such insight in the world of marketing and business from just two months at the Partnership. I was introduced to, and became more familiar with, uses of social media platforms, CRM applications, event planning and countless other tools and skills that will undoubtedly benefit me as I advance through my education and towards my ultimate career.

As a Say Yes Scholar, I have been provided the opportunity to attend both City Honors School in downtown Buffalo and now the University at Buffalo.  Now having had the chance to see this incredible growth and development from a new perspective during my time at the Partnership, I could not be more excited about continuing to have an impact as a young professional in the Buffalo Niagara region.

By: Shelby Connors | LinkedIn


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