What it was like to Intern at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership

The time I spent with the Partnership in the events and marketing departments has been an incredible learning opportunity. The staff I worked with were very helpful and presented me with amazing learning opportunities. I have been very fortunate because after completing my first internship with the events team, I was asked to come back a second time to help more broadly with events and marketing.  I was happy to accept both offers because these are not the types of internships where you just stand back and observe the professionals – they are very hands on and I am very grateful for that. I was able to jump in on everything that was going on and was given multiple tasks to own. The internships gave me a chance to see how everything works in the events and marketing fields and, more importantly, how they work together. Being able to be so involved really showed me what the job entails.

Key to successWhen I was there on my first internship, I was strictly focused on events. When I came back, I was able to get involved with the marketing aspect of things, while still being a part of the event planning aspects.  Being able to have experiences in both events and marketing broadened my knowledge within the fields and allowed me to see how the two go hand in hand.  On a personal level, I found this very rewarding and I believe that it will give me a professional competitive advantage.

To be honest, before my internship I did not even know who the Buffalo Niagara Partnership was or what they did. I have been able to learn and experience who they are as an organization and what they do for their members and for the community as well as things they advocate for. The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is very involved with the community. The different aspects they are involved in and advocated for allowed me to learn more about what was going on around me. Their involvement allowed me to read and edit blog posts about these things and allowed me to help out at events related to the aspects they advocate for and are involved in. I gained experience in multiple technology platforms, all aspects of event planning from the logistics to the marketing and promotion, and got to be really hands on with social media and content generation.

Internships can make you more valuable to potential employers and are a way to gain exposure to a field, before you actually hit the workforce.  My internships at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership were unbeatable and through them, I now feel more confident in myself and my abilities to not only secure employment after graduation but to also excel in my future.  I encourage everyone to try to do at least one internship, even if it is not required for your degree, and hopefully they will be as great as mine were at the Partnership.

By Sara Spider  |  LinkedIn


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