BN360 Webisode: How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

WATCH: How to Set and Achieve Your Goals
About this Webinar:

The essence of work is goal-directed behavior. Goals create definition, clarity, and self-evaluation. How you set goals for yourself and your work team will determine how effective you are at work and how well you communicate and progress.

Join BN360 and Mike Cardus to learn:

  • A method for setting goals based on quality, quantity, timeframe, and available resources
  • How communicating and understanding the company, team, and goals will support your time management
  • How to identify what goals you should complete yourself and what goals you can delegate if possible
  • How you can articulate your great work and show capacity for growth through the goals you set and accomplish

Facilitator: Mike Cardus | Organization Development 

About Mike Cardus: Mike has focused expertise in team building, managerial-leadership, and organization development. Frequently asked to create solutions to address the development of high-performance teams, retention of talent, the innovation of product and profit streams, group conflict, coaching of leaders, developing systems to drive positive behaviors, and development of knowledge to increase organizational and personal effectiveness. Working primarily with teams and management within these organizations, his role has been honed to coach, counsel, facilitate and conduct focused group work.

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