Member Spotlight: AP Professionals

AP Professionals of WNY is a full service staffing agency specializing in industries such as: accounting, finance, human resources, engineering, IT, legal and manufacturing. They pride themselves on building “relationships that last a lifetime” with their clients and candidates. In our latest Member Spotlight, we caught up with President, Kelly Cultrara for a brief Q&A.

Q: What is the biggest benefit of being in the region?

A: While there are so many great benefits of living and working in this region, we would have to say the biggest benefit is the people! Being in the “people business” where everything and everyone is connected by relationships, we couldn’t enjoy our business of connecting individuals more than here in WNY!

Q: Tell us something about your company that would surprise people.

A: Although AP Professionals has purposely worked hard to remain boutique in nature, providing very personalized service to our customers and candidates alike, I think people would be surprised to know how many companies and resources we are tied to through our partnership in the Advantage Company. In addition to providing best in class staffing solutions, we can connect our clients to a remarkable list of readily available resources ranging from technical and data management tools to enterprise archive solutions to corporate catering and custom designed corporate gifts! The list is endless and spans technology, consultative business services, fashion and food. AP Professionals

Q: What are you most proud of regarding your company?

A: Without a doubt we are most proud of our distinct reputation in the marketplace for positively impacting businesses and individuals by treating everyone with the most genuine care and concern. Our employees are dedicated to a level of service and integrity beyond reproach. We have always stayed true to a “people first” approach to business and a core mission of developing relationships that last a lifetime. This has been the cornerstone of our success. 

Q: What’s new with your company?

A: New and exciting for AP WNY is the recent launch of our new IT placement division! That division is led by a talented individual by the name of Amy Bessel, who has successfully performed both regional and national search. It’s another niche division that we are able to offer our customers as we realize finding tech talent is perhaps top of the list of challenges for most companies. We are now able to service requests for IT professionals in addition to our successful divisions in Administrative, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing Operations.

Q: What is the best quality of your company’s employees?

A: When it comes to creating a culture of success like you will find at AP, the common denominator among all of our employees is a consistent positive mindset! Providing outstanding service starts in the office with the way each employee treats each other. Teamwork, pride in our work and a positive mental attitude are key ingredients for our team. That positive energy in turn attracts positive outcomes and radiates to our clients and candidates every single day! 

Q: What is the biggest struggle of being a business in the region?

A: The biggest struggle for us as a relationship driven business in this region is that whenever the economy tightens, relationships can shift when companies become strictly price-driven. We are very competitively priced at rates that allow us to provide the very best value to our customers. We work to educate our customers that the key to driving up a company’s bottom line lies in successful talent acquisition. As a region we are in a very candidate short market and the companies that understand the value of attracting and retaining the best talent are our most successful long term partners! We can truly say that we enjoy “relationships that last a lifetime.” 

Q: What is the biggest benefit of being a Partnership member?

A: Being a member of the Partnership has many great benefits, the best of which center around our common goal of creating and connecting people to jobs in Buffalo! The Partnership provides so many opportunities for us to connect with leaders in our communities as well as those looking for assistance or coaching as they navigate the job market. As a member, we are thankful for the positive impact the Partnership has had on job growth and economic development in the region and we will continue to work together to share contacts, provide education and networking opportunities to support the continued growth of our community. 

Q: What is your hope for the future of the Buffalo/Niagara business community?

A: Our hope is that that people will continue to invest in the Buffalo/Niagara area! There is so much excitement and growth in the region with the thriving medical corridor and a multitude of new businesses and start-ups. Growing up in Buffalo, it’s been incredible to watch the revitalization of WNY and to witness first hand a shift from individuals as early as college graduation looking to leave the area to pursue their careers to the present, as people from all parts of the country are now returning to the region because of the combination of a healthy job market, a relatively low cost of living, affordable real estate and a great quality of life! 

Q: How do you see the Buffalo Niagara Partnership growing business in the region?

A: It is our hope that the BNP will continue to mobilize and connect members around common goals, continue to advocate for private investment and jobs in our region as well as lead the way in creating positive PR on a national scale that will draw attention to the great resources and talent available here, the access to higher education from the many acclaimed colleges and universities in our region and highlight the opportunity to work and live in an area of the country with one of the lowest costs of living! 

Q: What is your top concern for the future of Buffalo’s business community?

A: Our top concern will always be how we can better serve our customers. With the rising costs of doing business and the increasing competition for talent, we are faced with the constant challenge of focusing on innovation and creative staffing solutions that best serve our clients balanced by our ability to consistently help the region’s job seeking population pursue fulfilling work!