Using Content Marketing To Drive Lead Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mike Whitney – Inbound Marketing Specialist – Mainstreethost

If you’re even peripherally involved with business or marketing, you’ve likely come across some literature, webinars, and/or online articles about the power of content marketing. Companies like GE and Red Bull are the darlings of the content marketing industry, having created entire freestanding publications designed to improve branding and build those companies’ respective audiences. These are the teams that get lauded by advertising and marketing publications and drive revenues for their parent companies.

When watching one of Red Bull’s epic stunt videos or reading one of GE’s well-considered investigatory pieces, it’s easy to see something impressive is going on – even something potentially profitable. What’s harder to see – especially for those not well-versed in modern marketing trends – is how exactly the content marketing process works. What are the moving pieces that lead an already highly-profitable corporation to commit major funds towards quality content creation?

Let’s take a look at the process from an insider’s perspective: how the best content is made, how to support it with the right distribution channels, and then how to nurture and convert the leads that it brings you.

Content Marketing Infographic