Understanding How a Local Newspaper is at the Heart of a Community

Every industry elicits questions about its inner-workings, but the media has been thrust to center stage since the presidential election.

  • What is fake news?
  • How can you discern fake news from real news?new-the-buffalo-news-logo-9-16
  • Why does the media have a bias?
  • Why can’t all news be impartial?
  • How are decisions on coverage, reporting and presentation made?
  • How are newspapers transitioning to the digital age and using social media?
  • Does a Tweeting president delete the need for daily headlines?

The Buffalo News, would like to help people learn more about all of those things.  Media has become fragmented with thousands and thousands of sources.  It can become disorienting and disheartening to decipher where the most credible information lies. Watchdog journalism is arguably at the crux of how a democracy is preserved.  How can a local newspaper be at the eye of the information storm and still be a leading voice in the community? There are lots of questions, and fortunately, there are also a lot of answers.

The Buffalo News has been telling other people’s stories for over 100 years, and now it’s their turn to tell their story directly to you. Journalism experts will all be participating in a one-day look “behind the scenes” at The Buffalo News – these experts include:

  • Bob McCarthy | Political Reporter
  • Lou Michel | Crime Reporter
  • Vic Carucci | Sports Reporter
  • Adam Zyglis |Political Cartoonist
  • Andrew Galarneau | Food Editor

We invite Buffalo Niagara Partnership members to gain insight into how what you read every day comes to fruition.  Please join us on Thursday, May 11th for what promises to be a unique and thought-provoking event – for us as well as you!  We’ll be interested in your insights and feedback. Download the PDF invite HERE for more information or visit Buffalonews.com/bnuniversity to register.  For additional questions, please contact Brennan Carey at 716-849-5550.




Carol Horton | Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations
The Buffalo News Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company