The Rebirth of Manufacturing

Years ago, Buffalo was represented by some of the biggest manufacturing organizations in the world.  As the economy and technology shifted, we saw that industry become depressed and almost non-existent.  It certainly changed the dynamic, the culture and the region of Buffalo, New York.

Fast-forward to Buffalo’s rebirth and you will see that advanced manufacturing plays a large role and has been a targeted segment for the region.  Buffalo is attracting many manufmanufacturing-woman-in-plantacturing organizations to the region, we need to ensure that the talent meets the demand.  The old time mind-set of manufacturing is going away – a gap still exists.  How do you excite young people into this industry?

There are two sides to the manufacturing industry, the outside and the inside.   The outside is all about organizations like EWI ramping up growth, promoting economic development and implementing leading edge manufacturing technologies.  Performance Management Partners, Inc. is working on the inside, the people, engagement, collaboration and culture.

At PMP we have filled numerous jobs in the manufacturing sector ensuring that we are bringing in those individuals that want to support, promote and grow in Buffalo, NY.  We work with organizations who want to take the time to build the culture, engagement and collaboration that is required for success.  We are excited to see manufacturing come back to life in Buffalo and are proud to be a part of the rebirth.


This blog was written by Member Company, Performance Management Partners, Inc.
Sponsor of the 2016 Manufacturing Month Kickoff event.


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