Hospitals Back on the Ransomware Radar

It seems once again that Locky ransomware is appearing in email boxes at hospitals in the US and Japan just waiting on the unsuspecting user to open it.  If you don’t know where the email came from or if you do and it still looks suspicious – don’t touch it.  If the email is not known to you, delete it immediately or if it is from someone you do know and it looks suspicious then call the sender and ask if they sent it.  You always want to be sure you are opening a legit email and one extra phone call or email to the sender is worth the time and energy required to fix a ransomware hit.

Cyber Security

One has to wonder, when the success rate isn’t what they expect, will the local clinics and doctors offices be next? It’s scary to think that is a possibility.  Only time will tell, and the best solution is to have a good backup of all your data and practice safe computing practices when it comes to opening emails.

Read this recent article on the sudden increase in the Cyber Assault on hospitals.

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