Committed to Solving the Talent Challenge

Marty Griffith, Bank on BuffaloWritten by: Marty Griffith, President, BankOnBuffalo

As a community bank, BankOnBuffalo, is being developed by local people and local businesses.  We understand that the viability, growth and expansion of the local business economy are directly linked to best practices in workforce development.  It’s no secret that it is often a challenge to find qualified workers in the area and that this can specifically be a drain on the resources of small to middle market businesses.

As a bank for small to middle market businesses, BankOnBuffalo is delighted to assist the regional employers in tackling this systemic problem.  Our sponsorship of Solving the Talent Challenge will help to promote best practices by highlighting how national experts and local manufacturers have begun to reverse the tide.

As a bank focused on local decision-making to increase the level of service provided to the communities of Buffalo, we want to bring growth to the entire region, which means starting with the people and their employers.  There will be a wave of retirements in the near future and for the community to continue to thrive, we need to have a workforce ready to fill these roles.  That’s why it is vital that we begin to fix the problem now.

We are a bank that believes in cutting red tape to get our customers fast decisions and where even the president is accessible to all clients.  Turning the traditional banking structure on its head in the name of systemic improvement is the kind of thinking we believe in and the kind of thinking needed to solve the talent challenge in Buffalo Niagara.  We are honored to put our name behind these important workforce development efforts to see our region and its people thrive.

Bank On Buffalo

Solving The Talent Challenge


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