Why Your Business Needs a Documented Content Marketing Strategy

By: Jillian Fiorella – Account Supervisor, FARM

Yes you have a marketing plan. It probably includes strategies to drive sales, leads and ROI through tried and true tactics. But does it incorporate a strategy for telling your story? For delivering valuable information that makes your customers smarter? For creating connections? For becoming a trusted resource?

That’s where a content marketing strategy comes into play. Content marketing is the art of creating and curating useful content, which is consistently delivered through key mediums to drive response and result in ROI. And a documented strategy is key to your success. According to research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 60% of organizations who have a documented strategy rate themselves highly in terms of content marketing effectiveness, compared to 32% of those who solely rely on a verbal strategy.

I recently attended Content Marketing World and was fortunate enough to hear user experience expert and content strategist Kristina Halvorson speak. Much of her presentation focused on the importance of a documented strategy to best support the tactics used to share content and tell your story.

Halvorson used this example to prove her point:

There’s a hungry bear. In order to eat, he can hunt in the forest or fish in the river. He chooses the river, jumps in the water, leans in, opens his mouth and catches a fish swimming upstream. Mission accomplished. Good work, bear.

In this case, the bear’s goal was to eat, the strategy was to fish in the river and the tactic was to open his mouth. But if the bear didn’t define his strategy and only relied on the tactic, we would have been left with a bear sitting in the woods with his mouth open…

It’s just too good not to share. Thanks, Kristina (@halvorson)!

Don’t let your content marketing be this bear, sitting in the woods, hoping lunch lands in your mouth. Set your goals, define your strategy, determine your tactics, and measure your results—ensuring you listen to and engage with your customers along the way.


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