Solving the Talent Challenge: Manufacturing Month Summit

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership has announced the Solving the Talent Challenge: 2017 Manufacturing Month Summit, an informative event on the Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) system, to be held on October 12, 2017.

The event will feature Jason Tyszko, Executive Director, Center for Education & Workforce, United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation; Peter Beard, Senior Vice President of Regional Workforce Development, Greater Houston Partnership; and an employer who utilized the TPM process in their UpSkill Houston initiative.

The Center for Education and Workforce—in partnership with Chamber members and business leadership – seeks to cultivate and develop innovative thinking that spurs action to preserve America’s competitiveness and enhance the career readiness of youth and adult learners. Jason will discuss TPM’s early successes and lessons learned from the first 2 cohorts of the initiative.

Peter Beard, along with an industry leader, from the Greater Houston Chamber of Commerce will discuss the nationally recognized Upskill Houston workforce model. Upskill Houston provides resources, structure, and convening opportunities to foster region- and sector-wide collaboration among employers and educational institutions, as well as training and service providers.

This is an exciting opportunity to hear directly from national workforce leaders – register today. Healthcare and tourism representatives should consider attending to learn how national leaders are addressing the talent challenge and connect with Employ staff to be part of the local effort.

To learn more and register for the Manufacturing Month Summit click here.