Making the Cut in Buffalo – Manufacturing Month Tour Series

Eastman Machine Company Highlights More Than 130 Years as Leading Manufacturer of Cutting Systems for Customers Around the World

Next time you pull on a pair of jeans or settle into the seat of a car, there’s a pretty good chance the fabric was cut with a system from Eastman Machine Company.

With headquarters in Buffalo, Eastman Machine manufactures a wide range of manually-operated fabric cutting machines and a comprehensive line of fully automated, computerized cutting and plotting systems. Trevor Stevenson, vice president of the family-owned and operated business, gave a tour of their facilities as part of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s celebration of Manufacturing Month.

Stevenson noted that the company’s machines and systems are used by industries worldwide including aerospace, automotive, furniture, sporting goods and many more. Eastman Machine products are used to cut sails such as those used in America’s Cup racing and even used in the manufacture of windmill blades.

Stevenson described an automated system made by the company that is as large as the end zone of a football field.

Eastman Machine operates its 200,000 square foot facility on Washington Street with a team of skilled employees that Stevenson says drives the success of the company. Approximately 125 people work at Eastman Machine in Buffalo, with about 99 more employees in its global operations.

With support in part from Employ Buffalo Niagara – an industry-led coalition to collaborate on efforts in workforce development – the tour touched on the difficulty of local manufacturers to find qualified job candidates.

Stevenson explains that the company requires skilled machinists, electrical technicians and software programmers for good paying jobs, however, it is a challenge to find individuals with the right skill sets.

Eastman Machine Company is a time-honored Buffalo company that demonstrates the importance of manufacturing to our local economy. The Buffalo Niagara Partnership extends our thanks to Trevor Stevenson and the company for participating in our Manufacturing Month Tour Series.


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