Buffalo Niagara Manufacturers: 365 Days Without a Shut Down

365 Days BN Manufacturers

365 Days BN Manufacturers

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything the modern workforce has experienced. Buffalo Niagara’s manufacturing sector, and its dedicated employees, have worked through unprecedented challenges while most of our community’s daily functions shut down.

Their innovative safety protocols and due diligence are helping to keep us safe, limiting the spread of COVID-19 at private businesses to less than five percent, acting as a model for governments and other business sectors to learn from.  

BNP sincerely thanks our manufacturing members and employees for all your hard work over the past twelve months to help keep the Buffalo Niagara economy working. We look forward to working together with these dedicated companies in the year ahead to keep our entire community moving forward. 

The best form of appreciation is advocacy. 

Manufacturing workers are treated as frontline essential workers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and were included in its Phase 1b vaccination group on December 22, 2020. Governor Cuomo has also classified manufacturing as essential work since the first COVID-19 related executive order in March 2020. Still, New York did not include these dedicated workers in its 1b vaccination group, much to the disappointment of many manufacturers.

If New York State agrees that it is essential for the manufacturing sector to keep working during the COVID-19 pandemic, then its employees should have a right to access the vaccine along with other frontline workers. Manufacturing workers have navigated uncertainty and unprecedented challenges since March 2020, even as most other sectors of the economy shut down completely or moved to remote employment.

Manufacturers cannot work from home. They absolutely deserve access to the COVID-19 vaccine today, as New York State should follow the CDC’s guidelines on Phase 1b vaccination group membership. 

Please consider visiting our easy to use Voter Voice platform to sign the petition and tell Governor Cuomo and state leaders that you support including essential manufacturing sector workers in New York’s COVID-19 1b vaccination group.   

More information on the BNP Manufacturing Council HERE.

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