A World of Electronics – Manufacturing Month Tour Series

SoPark produces advanced printed circuit boards and other assemblies as the area’s largest Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider

To understand the electronics products being made at SoPark, think bubble wrap.

Open your next package delivery at home, but before you start popping the bubble wrap, keep this in mind:  SoPark makes the printed circuit boards for the automated machinery that makes bubble wrap for one of the world’s largest delivery companies. And that is just one example.SoParkFrom its facility in South Buffalo, SoPark serves advanced and high-tech original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with electronic printed circuit boards, cables, wiring harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies.

With customers coast to coast and in four countries, SoPark products go into everything from “intelligent” tractors used in farming to advanced military systems and equipment. The ISO 9001-2015 certified company has the capacity to produce up to 60,000 surface mount components per hour.

SoPark employs nearly 80 associates running two shifts in a teamwork environment that includes cross-functional training.

During a recent tour of SoPark’s state-of-the-art facilities, the attention and commitment to quality and detail were obvious. Tour attendees wore safety glasses and smocks walking through the nearly spotless facilities set up for the utmost efficiency, keeping walking distances short and departments close for easier associate interaction.

circuit board

Chairman and CEO Gerry Murak spoke with the tour group about SoPark’s open management style where all employees regularly communicate on safety, quality, productivity, sales, and profitability. He notes that employees can create their own career path at SoPark, saying what the company looks for in each job candidate is the right attitude.

If the associate has the willingness to work and learn, the rest can be accomplished with training Murak explains. Up to 25% of the associates are promoted from within using this approach, and the number of long-term employees – 25 years and more – is testimony that the approach works.

SoPark offers another example of why manufacturing is such an important sector in our local economy. The Buffalo Niagara Partnership extends our thanks to Gerry Murak and his team for participating in our Manufacturing Month Tour Series.


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