Niagara Falls Bridge Commission: upcoming projects

The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission recently announced several new programs and construction projects that will help its international bridges become more efficient.

The following projects, which will temporarily inconvenience some drivers, will have long term, positive impacts on border operations:

Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge Primary Inspection Lane Construction to Result in Canada-Bound Traffic Closure:

The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission (NFBC) announced the upcoming installation of a second primary inspection lane within the Canada plaza at the Whirlpool-Rapids International Bridge crossing.

This construction project will close traffic to all Canada-bound vehicles and is scheduled to commence on September 2, 2014 and conclude on or before October 9. During that time, traffic will be re-routed to the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

whirlpool bridge

Whirlpool bridge

“NEXUS traffic at the Whirlpool Bridge has exploded, with a 250% increase in usage over the last five years,” said Niagara Falls Bridge Commission General Manager Lew Holloway.

“The installation of an additional inspection lane on the Canada-side of the border will provide Canada Border Services Agency with the processing capacity necessary to keep NEXUS card holders moving and ensure that the benefits of trusted travel are fully realized.”

Renovation of Existing Canadian Plaza Rainbow Bridge Bus Inspection Facility:

The renovation of the Rainbow Bridge Canada plaza bus processing facility will begin on August 18 and is expected to wrap-up in May 2015.

The project will encompass a series of infrastructure improvements and enhancements, including:

  • the addition of new floors and processing space
  • exterior canopy modifications
  • relocation of existing boilers
  • shifting of the Canada-bound Currency Exchange
  • additional parking capacity

During construction, the Rainbow Bridge Canada plaza will have temporary bus inspection facilities.

While United States-bound bus traffic is not expected to be impacted, Canada-bound buses and motor coaches are advised to consider utilizing the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge for all trips over the duration of the construction project, as the bridge offers state-of-the-art bus and motor coach processing capabilities for Canada-bound traffic.

Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Introduces E-ZPass® Toll Program at
Rainbow, Whirlpool, and Lewiston-Queenston Bridge Crossings:

ezpass logo aug 6 blogThe Niagara Falls Bridge Commission (NFBC) announced the upcoming introduction of the E-ZPass program at the Rainbow, Whirlpool, and Lewiston-Queenston international bridge spans, which will begin accepting E-ZPass toll payments later this summer.

This popular electronic toll payment option will supplement the existing ExpressPass, Commercial ExpressPass, and NEXUS/Toll card offerings currently available to motorists at the Commission’s three Canadian-American border crossings.

Note: Non-commercial autos with ExpressPass, NEXUS/Toll and E-ZPass tags are eligible to receive a toll discount at all NFBC crossings.  Motorists may purchase E-ZPass tags may be purchased at NFBC currency exchanges or here by clicking on the “electronic toll” tab.

For further details and more information about these announcements, please visit the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

As we know, the more impediments there are to crossing the border, the less people want to take the trip.

The projects detailed above represent big steps in the right direction towards promoting and encouraging cross-border travel.

Planning your next trip to Canada? Read my previous blog for tips on how to expedite your next trip across the border.


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