Logistics and Transportation Tour Series: UPS

On November 6, as part of the Logistics and Transportation Tour Series, Partnership members had the unique opportunity to tour one of the largest UPS Small Package facilities in the Northeast: UPS’ Buffalo Small Package Hub on Bailey Avenue.

UPS blog 1Prior to stepping out onto the live floor, UPS showcased two programs that are reshaping how they do business:

UPS Access Point Network: UPS understands that customers may not always be home to accept a delivery. UPS Access Point network is a delivery option that allows customers to choose to have their packages delivered to a nearby UPS Access Point location.

With evening and weekend hours, UPS Access Point locations fit any customers’ schedule.

On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION): In short, ORION is a software system that helps UPS drivers determine the optimal way to deliver and pick-up packages within a set of stops defined by start and commit time, pick-up windows and special customer needs.

The system relies on online map data, customized by UPS, to calculate miles and travel time to plan the most cost-effective routes.

With 10,000 routes optimized with ORION, UPS saves more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 14,000 metric tons.

Initial results show that by reducing driver distance by just 1 mile per day, UPS can save up to $50 million per year. More efficient and more environmentally friendly – a win-win for UPS.

Following the presentations, our participants were split into four groups and led to the floor to see logistics in action.

We visited four stations: safety zone, international processing, sort aisle/unload and small sort.

UPS blog2
Left to Right: Mike Zelasko (UPS,) Bryan Roth and Mark Predko (Buffalo Games)

Participants had the unique opportunity to see firsthand how 107 years of industrial engineering experience combined with cutting-edge technology can produce a transportation network as advanced as UPS’.

I’m still in awe of the experience, and I’m not the only one; other participants on the tour had only positive things to say:

“The tour was outstanding. I was impressed and amazed with the whole operation of the facility. The passion and dedication of the UPS employees was inspiring.” Steve Jacobs, Lawley Service, Inc.

“The most impressive component of the tour was the segment on safety and employing senior, experienced drivers and others to train the new employees. UPS is known for the efficiency of their operations and the Bailey Ave DC is an excellent example. I have visited many distribution centers of many major companies, some 5 times larger than the UPS DC on Bailey, but never have I encountered this focus on safety. UPS is to be commended!” Bill Kuffner, Supply Chain Optimizers

“Standing on the catwalk and seeing over 9 miles of conveyor systems whisking our products around that facility is pretty impressive. Just how they orchestrate the mechanical systems, technology to keep track of everything, and the industrial athletes that load, sort, and unload the trucks is a bit of a mystery; but that is how great companies make it look easy. Everyone was very enthusiastic and informative. Thanks for the visit.” – Richard Stauffer, VP- Supply Chain/Operations, Sherex Fastening Solutions, LLC