Council Boat Tour: A Great Lakes Shipping Hub

The water is central to Buffalo’s rich commercial history and members of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Logistics & Transportation Council got a first-hand look at how the water is helping to shape Buffalo’s future.   Earlier this month, we hosted a Living Industry Boat Tour for members of all four Partnership councils. With a focus on present day industry, commerce and development on the City’s waterways, the tour featured expert speakers who discussed how Buffalo Niagara is utilizing its strategic location along the water to benefit local industry.

Council member Jamie Hypnarowski from the Port of Buffalo spoke about the Port and its connection to the freight activity on the Great Lakes. Hypnarowski told the crowd the Port is working to once again become one of the busiest ports on the Great Lakes. While marketing and infrastructure investment is a large part of achieving this goal, so is increasing the Port’s interactions with its Canadian counterparts.





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