Report breaks down economic impact of COVID-19 on each NYS county

From March to May, the New York saw a 28% decrease in taxable sales, compared to the stretch in 2019. From June to August, restrictions started to ease, and more money started flowing. During that time, the state saw 9% less taxable sales in a year over year comparison. Some counties even saw growth in that time, including Erie County.

Dottie Gallagher of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership says Western New York will rebound.

“We will get out of this and we will thrive. The question is how quickly can we move, and how quickly can we make sure that we aren’t in a 25-year slug like we were when Bethlehem Steel closed. We need to move quicker, faster,” said Gallagher.

She says states need financial help from the federal government, otherwise taxes will increase, and businesses will suffer.

“The federal government has got to step in and provide a significant relief package to help cover the costs, never mind the lost revenue, the cost of actually managing the pandemic,” said Gallagher.

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