Employers Are Optimistic About Buffalo’s Economy

Ryan Whalen, Capital Tonight reporter for Spectrum News, talked with Buffalo Niagara Partnership President and CEO, Dottie Gallagher-Cohen, about the findings in this year’s member and advocacy survey. The results showed that many Western New York employers are optimistic about Buffalo’s economy, but not so positive on New York State’s.

Buffalo Niagara's Business Climate

“I think what business owners are recognizing is the visual landscape is changing here,” Gallagher-Cohen said. “Downtown is getting redeveloped. We’re getting some good businesses moving into the area, so there is a sense of optimism from those cranes in the air and progress.”

Watch the full Spectrum News report here.

Learn more about the results from our annual advocacy and membership survey in our first-ever Member Pulse Report, which details how Buffalo Niagara employers view the local and state economy, and identifies employers’ pain points, areas of concern and obstacles to growth.