Covid-19 dominates Partnership’s advocacy agenda

Each year, the region’s largest business group spotlights what it considers the most pressing issues to push for at the state and federal level. The pandemic is top of mind on this year’s advocacy agenda, as some businesses struggle to fully reopen and unemployment remains high.

Dottie Gallagher, the Partnership’s president and CEO, summed it up this way: “What is it that government can do to aid, and more importantly do no harm, as we try to begin economic recovery?”

Compared to past years, the Partnership’s agenda tilts more toward federal-level priorities than state issues.

“I think that’s a direct reflection of the Covid crisis and the real role the federal government has in, not only leading a national response to beating the pandemic, but also a leading role in economic recovery that then filters down to the states and then filters down to our local communities,” said Grant Loomis, vice president of government affairs.

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