Businesses rejoice as zone restrictions lifted; next target is 10 p.m. restaurant curfew

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is praising the lifting of restrictions because the pandemic has been hard on the overall economy in this region and very hard on the hospitality industry. Easing restrictions will give bars and restaurants a chance to keep going.

Buffalo Niagara Partnership Vice President Grant Loomis said the restrictions being lifted show New Yorkers can work together.

“That’s again why the news today was encouraging,” Loomis said. “It shows that New Yorkers are taking the precautions seriously, that they are following guidelines and public health protocols and when we do that, we are able to see a relaxation, if you will, in the restrictions around commerce and business.”

The Partnership also reminded employers that they still must follow all industry specific re-opening guidelines, as has been the case for the last several months. Those guidelines can be found here.

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