Executive Exchange Insights: The Benefits of Professional Development

Continuing professional development is important for all employment levels and every size employer. It comes in many different forms, from formal seminars and workshops to independent research to learning from peers. However, no matter what form it comes in, it is essential to the success of both the employee and employer.

Here are the top benefits of professional development for employers and employees:

Benefits for the Employer

  1. Attract the right employees
    • Stand out from other organizations and build a positive reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce and strives to employ only the best.
  2. Increase retention
    • Show workers that you care about their career progression and are interested in keeping them at your organization long-term.
  3. Improve company operations & collective knowledge of team
    • Your business will benefit from improved efficiencies and your clients will experience a higher level of service.
  4. Boost employees’ job satisfaction
    • Professional development allows staff to build confidence in their work, which leads to greater job satisfaction.
  5. Make succession planning easier
    • Leadership development programs are tools for grooming future leaders for your organization. Promoting from within is a great way to show career progression within an organization and reduce knowledge gaps.


Benefits for the Employee

  1. Stay competitive
    • Develop new skills, knowledge and experiences that can set you apart from your peers and make you more attractive during promotion time.
  2. Increase opportunities for career development and progression
    • Show your employer that by working on your own skills, you are committed to the improvement of the organization.
  3. Expand your professional network
    • Establish a large network with colleagues and key contacts for career opportunities, business development, and peer advice.
  4. Refresh industry knowledge & learn best practices
    • Strengthen your current skills with a defined course or learn from peers in different industries to broaden your knowledge of current working practices.

Members of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership can participate in our unique peer to peer, personalized leadership development programs Executive Exchange (for C-Suite) and Leader Exchange (7+ years of experience). These 10-month programs are offered for only $1,000 which is about 1/3 the cost of other professional development programs. The combination of confidentiality, value, convenience and a customized approach combined with the overall benefits of professional development makes this an opportunity impossible to pass up.

There is a new season of Leader Exchange launching in February 2018!
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