Executive Development: Getting the Best from Your Top Team

By Anne Moretti  |  Executive & Organizational Development Consultant, Executive Exchange Facilitator

Most executive teams are leaving growth potential on the table.

Mobilizing the executive team to its highest level of performance is an organization’s strongest leverage point for continued success. The effectiveness of your top team impacts every level of leader on your team. It is worth taking the time to assess your executive team to ensure that it is a positive force for your organization.

When your executive team is functioning at its best, the team will:
• Think like a strategic team AND as functional experts simultaneously
• Focus on shared vision, mission, values, priorities and results
• Align and mesh their individuality with other Executives of different backgrounds, experiences and/or thinking
• Agree on team interactions and dynamics that allow fluid, independent function and consistent collaboration
• Balance competing initiatives and interests
• Leverage each other and their teams to collaborate and innovate
• Cultivate the culture and engage the organization at every level

Our Executive & Leadership Assessments are research-based and developmentally-focused to gauge Executive and leadership behaviors, character, competencies, context, knowledge, skills, styles and traits that are proven to enhance performance. They are designed for leaders and executives to self-assess, or to solicit feedback from 180/360-degree perspectives – meaning their boss, peers, staff or other key stakeholders. Examples of assessments may include: Leadership Styles, Executive & Leadership Communication, Board Self-Assessments, Change Readiness, Conflict Management, Team Effectiveness, or Emotional & Social Intelligence. Often individual interviews or focus groups are conducted to supplement assessment information at a personal level.

5 Key Actions:

1. Get the diagnosis right.
2. Get the leadership model right.
3. Get the shared mindset right.
4. Get the development processes right.
5. Get the organization’s “diffusion” right – align your leadership culture.

Based on a recent study of Executives, “only 18% of the CEOs rated their top teams as very effective with respect to their executive responsibilities.”

(Source adapted from Center for Creative Leadership, 2018)

The Power of Assessments

You can’t fix what you don’t know.

Decisions without data and analytics challenge leaders’ ability to effectively change or lead their organization in the right direction particularly in the complex landscape of business today.

What’s important to know?

• Leadership capability, competency and potential talent for “leadership pipelines” and succession
• Board culture, functionality and roles
• Organizational and team capacity and optimization
• Change readiness, communication, cultural alignment and performance
• Emotional and social intelligence – the distinguishing factor between high vs. average performers
• Satisfaction of customers
• Strategic positioning and sustainability

Overall, it’s important to know the strengths and gaps for development at every level of your organization. What are you best at from which to build? What needs improvement?

How do you identify and measure it?

• On-line assessments & surveys from a “self” or 180-360 degree perspective – meaning gaining input from your boss, peers, employees and other key stakeholders – to identify your blind spots and reinforce your aligned views
• Focus Groups or Interviews
• Retreats & small & large group interventions
• Customized surveys and assessments

Our team is certified in research-based, nationally-recognized assessments and has the capability to customize and validate assessments and surveys by our team of experts.


Anne Moretti

Anne M. Moretti: BNP Executive Exchange Facilitator:
Former Executive, possesses over 25 years of senior management and consulting experience in Executive & Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness & Transformation, Assessments, Change Management & Cultural Alignment, Diversity & Inclusion, Strategic Planning & Succession, and Board Development. In collaboration with the University at Buffalo, she led leadership development and change management programs in Hungary, Russia, and Bosnia, including the Ministry of Health, in Sarajevo post-war. Anne and her team possess a wide range of nationally-recognized accreditations and certifications in leadership and organizational development. Anne is President of Moretti Consulting, LLC based in Buffalo, NY.

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