Study Reveals CEO’s Confident With Current Business Climate

The numbers don’t lie, confidence among Buffalo business leaders is up significantly compared to where it was ten years ago. Roughly 100 Partnership members listened to Dr. Don Levy reveal the results of the Business Leaders survey conducted by the Siena College Research Institute. They later heard from Buford Sears, KeyBank President WNY Market and Art Wingerter, President of Univera Healthcare.

CEO’s in the Buffalo Niagara region are optimistic about this year’s business climate. New technology and Healthcare are two sectors that area CEO’s expect to see the most positive economic impact.

According to the survey, area business leaders say there are still hurdles to get through such as workers’ compensation premiums and healthcare costs.

“CEO’s persistently have told us that healthcare costs, the Affordable Care Act and governmental regulation make it difficult, or in some cases impossible, to be as successful as they would like to be,” Levy replied. “78 percent of Buffalo CEO’s say healthcare costs are a significant concern to their business.”


Levy went on to say that many CEO’s may be looking to expand or add to their workforce within the coming years. This means a need for more skilled and trained workers, which could be a target area for Buffalo and other Upstate cities.