Learn what the Partnership can do for you

Some days, I think we can all agree, there are not enough hours to get everything checked off our work to-do lists.

Well, I have some good news for you! Our Buffalo Niagara Partnership staff is here to help make checking off those to-do list items a little easier.

  • Are you trying to find new clients or connect with other area businesses?open3

Did you know we host over 60 events each year that put you in front of local business leaders and decision makers? Each event includes a networking component that offers a more laid back way to build your network. Many of our events are free or discounted for Partnership members. 

  • Do you need assistance advocating for a policy issue important to your company?

open1Did you know we have five councils; Manufacturers’, CanAm, Development Advisory, Logistics & Transportation and Energy that work hard to make doing business in the region a little easier?

Each year, we put out an Advocacy Agenda focused around our members’ needs and offer opportunities to get in front of elected officials and give the business community a voice.

  • Are you trying to find ways to save money?

Did you know we offer exclusive member benefit programs that will help you cut costs? From connecting your business to Google, saving on office supplies and keeping your energy costs low, we offer great solutions to keeping your expenses down so your bottom line increases.

  • Are you looking to engage your young professionals?

open2Did you know we offer a program for young professionals called BN360? It’s the perfect way to get your young professionals involved in networking, professional development and leadership building.


On Wednesday, October 14th from 8:00 – 10:00am, we will be hosting our Open House event to get you in touch with our Partnership staff so you can start checking off these and other items on your to-do list. You will hear from our President & CEO, Dottie Gallagher-Cohen and have the chance to learn about what the Partnership can do for you.

The event is free and open to Partnership members and non members. Registration is required. Space is limited. Register today!

Don’t forget to bring that to-do list! 

For more information please contact Charlene Janiga or at 716-541-1770.