Buffalo becomes destination city for entrepreneurs

Have you been following 43 North, the world’s largest business plan competition? We have, and we can’t wait for the influx of new companies and ideas into the region.

PrintTo help us get ready to support and work with the winning companies, we invited area entrepreneurs from varying industries (in varying stages of building their business) to a summit on May 13, to discuss what start-up businesses need and how The Partnership (and its members) can help them grow and remain in the Buffalo Niagara Region.

may 21- bar camp 1

Even before 43 North was announced, the entrepreneurial culture in Buffalo had been growing.

Incubators and co-working spaces like z80 labs, Cowork Buffalo, Innovation Center, dig, and Store, and events such as Startup Weekend, Ignite Buffalo, Barcamp and UB Panasci Competition, are just a few examples of how the region has come together to support entrepreneurship.

In our conversation, these entrepreneurs mentioned one of the things they love about Buffalo is the ability to see a need, and jump in. “You don’t need to get permission,” was a sentiment that was often repeated.

may 21 - z80 labs
Seth Godin speaking at z80 labs [December 2013]
In talking to these area entrepreneurs about why they brought their businesses to Buffalo, a few common themes were apparent:

  • a strong social network
  • low cost of living
  • low threshold to entry in leadership positions
  • a feeling like you can really make a difference in the community


Buffalo was described as being the “right size” and having the right energy. It’s a place with a community that is filled with creative and innovative individuals who are willing to work for change.

may 21- start up weekend
Start up weekend

My favorite thing said during the summit was: “New York City will always be New York City, here we can be anything.”

The Buffalo Niagara region is at a great time of change, from large businesses and development projects, to small co-working groups and start-ups.

There is no doubt that the Buffalo Niagara region is continuing to improve upon strengthening its network of individuals who are committed to making the region better.

So if you are ready to start your own business, or just learn more about the entrepreneur scene, check out 43 North or some of the above events to get started!