Connecting student learning to real-world applications

Among the greatest challenges in education is getting students to be engaged. One of the most effective strategies in engaging students is connecting them to real world applications.

The Employ Buffalo Niagara team recently welcomed the opportunity to work with Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education in facilitating a career awareness event. More than 100 students participated in this event, many unaware of the growth potential within industries.

Two sessions were conducted, where students filled the auditorium quickly, eager to learn about career path opportunities and the soft skills one should possess to pursue a career.

The sessions consisted of a deeper dive into the manufacturing and hospitality and tourism industries. The perception still exists that a manufacturing environment is very dirty and many of the students were shocked to find that many of these facilities are extremely sterile and strict about cleanliness standards. The information presented gave the students a better understanding of the type of work they would be responsible for completing and the growth within these industries.

Students were educated on interviewing etiquette and favorable qualities of a “perfect candidate.” Provided with personal stories of candidates, the students were able to better gauge the importance of being on time, recording a professional voicemail, being prepared, along with many other helpful tips.

At the close of the event, students rushed to the employment tables to learn more about the available job positions and career ladders in Western New York. Investing time in educating students on career awareness could possibly open the doors to a greater desire for work.

An initiative of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, Employ Buffalo Niagara is an employer-led coalition of employers, community leaders, educators and providers coming together to address systems-level workforce issues like upskilling. To learn more and find out how you can get involved, click here or reach out using the contact information below.


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