Plenty of Redevelopment Opportunities in North Tonawanda

Urban revitalization in Western New York isn’t exclusive to the City of Buffalo.  Throughout the region, smaller cities and villages are reinvesting in their urban cores, establishing live, work and play environments.  These efforts are capitalizing upon uniquely historic building stocks and an inherent character that can’t be authentically recreated in new, built-from-scratch communities.North Tonawanda Momentum

One such community doing just that is the City of North Tonawanda.  This historic downtown in Niagara County boasts a number of such authentically unique anchors that are fueling its revitalization; the Erie Canal, the Riviera Theatre and the Hershell Carousel Factory Museum.  These quintessentially Western New York institutions are increasingly surrounded by an emerging quality of life: shops and small businesses along Webster Street, restaurants on Sweeney Street and boat culture on the waterfront in summertime.

Lumber City Development Corporation has taken the lead through launching its North Tonawanda Momentum project.  This project, which includes a Master Plan for redevelopment through 2035, envisions a city renowned for its revitalized historic downtown, bustling regional waterfront and an unparalleled urban quality of life.

Enterprise Lumber & Silo LLCAt our October meeting, Lumber City engaged and invited members of the Partnership’s Development Advisory Council to consider North Tonawanda for their next project as Lumber City has identified a number of key opportunities for new growth throughout the Downtown.  These potential projects include downtown adaptive reuse, urban infill opportunities and a redevelopment of one of Western New York’s hidden waterfront sites, Tonawanda Island.

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