Metro 50 Buffalo-Niagara. Placing Our Region Among Our Peers.

The Buffalo Niagara region is unique.  Our geography, our population and our economic make-up are not exactly alike to any other metropolitan area.  However, despite differences, we must do our best to learn from other metros as we collectively work to build a better economy and community.  But it is critical that we choose the right places to look; places that are most similar to Buffalo Niagara, face familiar economic challenges and have like capacity and resources to address those challenges.

A new Buffalo Niagara Partnership publication series, Metro 50 Buffalo Niagara aims to do just that.

The Buffalo Niagara region ranks as the 50th largest metropolitan area in the United States.  Regions ranking closely above and below Buffalo Niagara are peer metros that give context to the performance of our region and offer opportunities to learn from their best practices.  These metros offer relevant examples of similar sized economies, facing many of the same challenges of mid-sized U.S. metros.  Looking to these peers should be the first step in evaluating the effectiveness of new initiatives, tools and policy to grow opportunities, locally.

Metro 50 Buffalo Niagara is a series of ‘factsheet’ publications on topical areas relevant to local economic development, placing those issues in the context of comparable metropolitan areas.  Each publication evaluates Buffalo Niagara’s performance and identifies relevant best practices for key economic development initiatives.

Find the first installment of this series here.  This piece compares Buffalo Niagara to our peer metros on housing costs and will serve as important base data in crafting responsible policy for addressing the affordable housing needs in our local community.

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