Metro 50: Air Service

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s latest installment of our Metro 50 Buffalo Niagara series highlights one of our strengths: air service in the Buffalo Niagara region. Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) plays an essential role in the development of business and tourism in the Buffalo Niagara region. BNIA provides more direct non-stop routes than many peer metro airports and does so at consistently lower prices. What’s more, BNIA delivers that service at a nation-leading level of customer satisfaction.

Our Metro 50 Buffalo Niagara is a factsheet-style resource that evaluates Buffalo Niagara’s performance in topical areas related to economic development in contrast to our peer metros based on population. The Buffalo Niagara region ranks as the 50th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Looking at regions ranking closely above and below Buffalo Niagara gives important context to the performance of our region and should be the first step in evaluating the effectiveness of new initiatives, tools and policy.

Airports are a vital driver of regional economic development. Relied on for moving both people and cargo, airports help attract new businesses by providing convenient, frequent, and cost-effective travel. Several studies have even linked airport passengers with metro population and employment growth. Even more, it has been shown that the nation’s airports account for more than seven percent of U.S. GDP.

The BNIA is a true asset that outperforms peer metro airports on many metrics, and continuously delivers a prime travel experience for passengers. J.D. Power Associates ranked the airport as number one in customer satisfaction among medium hub airports in North America, and only one rating point away from being ranked highest of all North American Airports. In particular, BNIA ranked high on security clearance, baggage pick-up, and food choice.

Despite occasionally uncooperative weather conditions during the winter months, BNIA provides reliable, cost effective, and on-time service. With over 30 direct routes, Buffalo is well connected and provides easy and efficient travel to many locations. BNIA provides many of these routes at some of the lowest average airfare rates in the country. In fact, BNIA is one of two peer metros that average airfares below the mean of the top 100 airports.

BNIA is a vital asset in our regional economic development ecosystem. For more on how BNIA punches above its weight, read our latest Metro 50 report.

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