Energy Council work touches all business sectors

The Partnership recently established an Energy Council to better unite members around key energy policy impacting Buffalo Niagara’s business community.

We know that all businesses have energy needs. For some businesses, the cost of those energy needs is a big factor on their bottom line.

energy graphicHowever, the drivers of high energy costs can usually be traced back to government policy.

The Partnership’s Energy Council is working to create a meaningful dialogue around how policy being developed at both the state and federal level can be advanced to support local economic and business development. 

The Council has identified key advocacy priorities, including:

  • Fast-tracking elimination of remaining section of 18-a utility tax
  • Supporting upgrades to New Yorker’s aging electric power grid
  • Better positioning Buffalo Niagara as an energy supplier to points east
  • Supporting development of New York’s natural gas transmission system
  • Ensuring strong private sector participation and consideration in development of New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)

The Council is also focused on:National Grid New 132 x 40

  • Alerting Partnership members of new and pending energy regulations and programs, and how they may directly or indirectly impact their business
  • Pushing to increase transparency of how energy program dollars are being spent, and the true costs of energy for local employers
  • Making sure municipal planning and local smart growth initiatives incorporate utilities and other energy providers

Sponsored by EnergyMark, LLC and National Grid, our Energy Council meets quarterly.

Its current members include representatives from local utilities, energy providers, renewable energy firms and energy efficiency consultants.

Energymark 211 x 54However, the Energy Council is just not for energy companies; it is intended to serve as an opportunity for all businesses to better understand critical energy issues, and be a part of pushing for pro-growth, commonsense energy policy and regulation that will help spur economic investment in Buffalo Niagara. 

We are currently looking for new companies to join the discussion.

Click here to view our 2015/16 Action Agenda, and please contact me to learn more about the Energy Council and how you can get involved.

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