The Stats Support Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in Buffalo Niagara

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Diversity & Inclusion Council is rolling out its work plan and implementing steps toward its initial goals and objectives. These include:  Diversity and Inclusion group table

  • Raising awareness of the competitive advantages of diversity
  • Developing Best Practice sessions to help employers identify and overcome diversity and inclusion challenges in the workplace
  • Identifying resources to provide data, sample programs/policies, tools, etc.
  • Making Racial Equity Impact training made available to Council members

“When we look at the big picture in Buffalo Niagara, it is clear that diversity and inclusion in the workforce are key concerns for area companies,” said Dottie Gallagher Cohen, President and CEO of the Partnership. “Our new Council is wasting no time in addressing the challenges – we are confident we can make a big difference by working together for all of Western New York.” 

Working by the numbers

With assistance from the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable, the Diversity & Inclusion Council presents some statistics that should be noted in any discussion involving the workforce in Buffalo Niagara.

  • 33% of the region’s K-12 students – representing out future workforce – are people of color
  • Metro areas with high rates of racial inclusion have positive growth rates in employment and population
  • The percentage of college degrees awarded by race/ethnicity is growing for people of color:
    • 2000-2013: Whites -5%, people of color +5%
  • Racial diversity has been shown to lead to better business performance. The Council will address these advantages in a future blog post.
  • In Buffalo Niagara, increasing diversity is curbing the decades long trend of population loss
    • 2000-2014: whites -8%, people of color +21%

These factors that will affect diversity in the region’s workforce and in turn influence local economic growth. The Diversity & Inclusion Council will promote ways to advance racial equity and inclusion in the local business community so that everyone may take part in the prosperity of our region.

Diversity and Inclusion Council group table

Stay connected

Check back as the Diversity & Inclusion Council shares more information on key issues including the competitive advantage of having a diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as best practice sharing and insight on national trends.

In the meantime, stay up to date by subscribing to the Diversity & Inclusion Council newsletter and contact me to learn more about the Council and how you can get involved.

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