New Executive in Residence Further Strengthens Diversity & Inclusion Council

A former executive with one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world is part of the Executive in Residence team working with the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.  The Partnership’s Executive in Residence program is designed to give our economic councils additional subject matter expertise by providing more insight and leadership from industry veterans with years of experience.  The Partnership is now pleased to announce a new Executive in Residence for the Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Getting InspiredExecutives in Residence

The Partnership is working with Inspired Global Resources (IGR) in Williamsville, NY to provide the Executive in Residence for the Diversity & Inclusion Council. IGR is a consulting firm that develops and manages effective diversity programs for corporate, institutional, and government clients. The firm also helps clients connect with minority-focused resources including vendors, suppliers, and professional services.

Managing partners Jason Bird and Jeffrey Wynn bring decades of experience in the fields of financial planning and information technology to their roles in helping organizations develop culturally diverse environments.

Working with Inspired Global Resources to help execute the mission of the Council reflects the degree of importance we place on diversity in Buffalo Niagara.  The firm’s experience and expertise will help our members strengthen diversity programs which is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good for business.

National Experience

The Inspired Global Resources team brings Marc Burt to the Diversity & Inclusion Council as its new Executive in Residence. Marc is a retired assistant vice president in the Office of Inclusion & Diversity at Honda North America, Inc. The office, created under Marc’s leadership, developed structure and strategy that turned Honda into a leading company for inclusion and diversity. His primary responsibilities included providing leadership to Honda’s Internal Diversity Council.

Prior to joining Honda, Marc spent 21 years at Ford Motor Company, including 10 years administering minority dealer training programs to increase the number and percentage of minority owned dealerships.  Marc is respected across the country as an automotive industry leader in retail dealer diversity. In fact, the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers presented Burt with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Marc’s national experience and leadership bring unique perspectives to the Partnership’s Diversity & Inclusion Council as we continue to champion workforce diversity in Western New York.  Marc is the keynote speaker at our upcoming event Maximizing the Value of Diversity and Inclusion on May 8th in downtown Buffalo.

As always, we welcome inquiries from all of our members who may be interested in supporting the Diversity & Inclusion Council or would like to learn more about our work.

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